“Raising awareness about cat welfare is a good look for your husband’s upcoming campaign strategy. Don’t you think supporting government action on missing and murdered indigenous women in this country would be a better look?”

— Hailey King, the 21yo university student who interrupted Laureen Harper (wife of Canadian PM Harper) during her opening speech announcing her “Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Festival” last night. Laureen responded, “We’re raising money for animals tonight. If you’d like to donate to animals, we’d love to take your money…That’s a great cause, perhaps another night. Tonight we’re here for homeless cats!” [source] (via randomactsofchaos)

I find it rather interesting (and counter-intuitive) that those so concerned about the plight of these women also foster animosity between indigenous peoples and police forces. If you want to prevent any more women from going missing and/or murdered logic would dictate that you would want to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and other state/legal apparatuses, as they would be the ones capable of finding and bringing to justice those committing these atrocious acts. Instead of adopting a practical approach to solving this issue, these activists want yet another commission established in an attempt to vindicate their viewpoint that past acts of state violence against the indigenous peoples of Canada are what is responsible for this tragedy, making the state seem more culpable for these murders than the social isolation, corruption, alcoholism and drug addiction that is fostered on the native reserves of this country. If these protesters want to enact any positive change for these women (who are being used as yet another vessel for leftists to bash the Harper government, this time essentially labeling them as Einsatzgruppen against indigenous women) encouraging better cooperation and resources for the RCMP and other policing agencies to help solve these murder/missing person investigations. Better yet, why not abolish the reservation system and allow the Indigenous peoples of Canada to become fully integrated economically and socially with the rest of the nation while not having to live with the corruption and misspending of “leaders” like Theresa Spence?   


TWD Cast [11/∞] 

The best TV TD I’ve ever seen…

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Kulturpark Spreepark #DDR #ddrmuseum #Berlin #igersberlin  (presso DDR Museum)


Kulturpark Spreepark #DDR #ddrmuseum #Berlin #igersberlin (presso DDR Museum)





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Französische Straße Berlin in 1980 and 2012

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